Kynderly Haskins

h Club Los Angeles Is Building A Luxury Brand Around Excellence

Founded In 2004, The Hospital Club started as an exclusive members-only retreat. Specifically for those in the entertainment industry, the London club’s opulent amenities include television and music studios, live performance space, restaurants, and lounges; proving that it's a truly unique establishment. Its success led founders to consider expanding to the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles. The new location would have much to live up to and that's where General Manager Kynderly Haskins comes in.

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Haskins brings tremendous insight into what guests want and need. In fact, even before Haskins was declared the perfect fit for this new Hollywood experience, she caught the attention of Hospital Club founders with an everyday display of her expertise. “I didn't think I was going to be working for them but it turned out that way because they saw me in action in my own environment,” Haskins shares about her start with H-Club Los Angeles. “They decided that they wanted to have me fill the role.”

Just as Haskins was chosen by The Hospital Club for her natural hospitality abilities, she also looks for similar source of resourcefulness when building her own team. “I look for people who have worked for companies that haven't had a guidebook and they’ve had to use their own resources.” Haskins also confessed, “I look for a little bit of rebel in them because I don't want everyone to say yes to me. I want people to challenge me.”

Still, as a manager she knows that even good team members could use direction to become even better. “It's really important that my employees have an entrepreneurial spirit because we're working with people,” she continued. “I try and work towards their strengths and still address their weaknesses so that we can just tweak them so they can adjust their game.”

Being in an industry that relies so much on the changes and growth of society, Haskins understands that incorporating ever-evolving technology is essential when future proofing her business. She explained, “You have to make sure your technology is not only current, but that you leave space for it to grow.” This sentiment is especially relevant when discussing the growth necessary for a business’ workforce. “You have to look at your leaders and building them up; making sure they're prepared to take over for people leaving the workforce.”

Still, in spite of her decades of experience with luxury brand hospitality, Haskins still strives for what will make herself and her business even better. Or, as she called it, being ‘an agent of change.’ “How can I set myself apart,” she questions in her interview with “It's making a difference as well but also tearing down barriers and trying to figure out how can we do this to the best of our abilities and change things.”